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Managing Director
Umwizerwa Prosper

Staff | QEC Ltd

Eng. Umwizerwa Prosper is a visionary leader with a deep passion for sustainability, innovation, and improving the lives of people through clean cooking solutions. With over 14 years of experience in ....

Chief Operations Officer

Staff | QEC Ltd

Dominique is a results-driven executive with a proven track record in operational excellence and business strategy. With an extensive background in managerial and company operations, he brings a wealt....

Production Manager
Nzeyimana Hashimu

Staff | QEC Ltd

Hashimu is a highly skilled and dynamic professional with a strong background in manufacturing and production management. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for process optimization, he plays a ....

Logistics Manager
Shyaka Emmy

Staff | QEC Ltd

Shyaka is a results-oriented and resourceful professional with a wealth of experience in supply chain management and logistics operations. With a strong academic background in Procurement and a passio....

Monit.. & Distrib... Manager
Usabisa Yvonne

Staff | QEC Ltd

Yvonne is a highly analytical and results-driven professional with a background in science and education and training in environment and community mobilization. With a deep commitment to sustainabilit....

Jahdoo NKAKA
System Administrator

Staff | QEC Ltd

Jahdoo Nkaka serves as the Administrator of Internal Systems at QEC Ltd. With a strong focus on maintaining data integrity, he oversees the company's internal IT infrastructure. Jahdoo plays a pivotal....